Adjusting Seg Fault

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Feb 28 15:55:30 PST 2010

On Sunday February 28 2010 06:21:54 pm Michael DeLuca wrote:
> Trying to fix the warnings didn't help, I got the same error.  I
> started over and found that ld and as that binutils builds work fine
> up until glibc is built and installed.  If I run my tools/ld right
> before building/installing glibc it outputs "ld: no input files"
> After the glibc install it outputs: "Segmentation fault"  The same is
> true for as.  I get the seg fault both before and after the toolchain
> is adjusted...
> Any ideas?

If this was me, I would run strace on /tools/bin/ld. If that doesn't turn up 
anything, like missing files, I would start over. At Glibc don't apply any 
patches or modifications. Do:

./configure --prefix=/tools --with-binutils=/tools/bin \
        --with-headers=/tools/include --libexecdir=/tools/lib/glibc \
        --enable-add-ons --enable-bind-now --enable-kernel=2.6.18 \
        --disable-profile \
        --without-gd --without-selinux --infodir=$(pwd)/DESTDIR \
        --mandir=$(pwd)/DESTDIR &&
echo "CFLAGS += -march=i486 -mtune=native" >> configparms &&
make &&
make install

Omit --enable-omitfp --enable-stackguard-randomization for now, and see if 
that works. What cpu is this? Are you running the text files as shell 
scripts, like 'sh ../temporary_system/glibc.txt'?

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