Checking for broken configure tests, searches for libc functions, etc

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Feb 22 22:11:50 PST 2010

There is a persistant problem with failing autoconf tests, and since these can 
often be quietly replaced by gnu-lib we often don't realize it.

These failed ./configure tests are sometimes from new Glibc 
versions, -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE causing functions to be defined as macros and 
screwing up tests, -Wl,--fatal-warnings causing test errors for valid 
functions, possible non-pic assembly testing for a valid cpu type which would 
also fail, -Werror being used by the package in ./configure and getting 
failures from GCC4, -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE, or -fstack-protector-all warnings.

It would be nice to have a script scan config.log for failed tests that should 
pass... failed tests for functions that are indeed in Glibc. Dealing with 
this after is pretty straight forward. Check if it is fixed upstream, report 
it if it isn't so they can modify the test, and set the variable in the 
environment or until it is fixed.

Checking source code for getuid/getgid pairs would identify where 
__libc_enable_secure() could be used.

Checking source code for gettimeofday/getpid pairs would identify 
where /dev/*random could be used.

A script for these might be a little more complicated to write, because these 
pairs might not be on the same lines. Maybe a source code checker would work 

This has been on my todo list for a while but I never get to it.

Do any of you have other ideas, or volunteer to make scripts?

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