binutils pt-pax test suite

robert baker robertmbaker at
Fri Sep 25 07:41:34 PDT 2009

All tests pass on Debian Lenny amd64 host with both patches. System is
an intel core 2 duo. I will post back on the list once I have an
opportunity to build in a chroot.

Robert Baker

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:16 PM, Robert Connolly
<robert at> wrote:
> Hello. I made differences for x86_64 on the pt-pax Binutils patch. I would
> like some testers. The test suite should pass without failures.
> Testers (any Linux distro, including multilib systems):
> Use binutils-2.19* (not binutils-2.20*)
> Please first verify that the test suite passes on the host system.
> Apply this patch:
> and then this:
> configure && make && make check
> If there are failures, email the cpu platform, system information, and log to
> me. If you have a sparc, or alpha, or whatever, email me the test suite logs,
> so I can add differences for that platform.
> Thank you
> robert
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