GCC 4.4.2 SSP and uClibc

Kevin Day thekevinday at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 19:45:16 PST 2009

I am trying to figure out where the problem I have is, if it is some
unusual bug as a result of my own deviations, a bug in uClibc and not
glibc, or a bug with GCC.

I am using GCC's libssp for SSP.

There is an old upstream bug report of the same exact problem:

I would get an Illegal Instruction and a core dump with any
appropriate SSP test at:

I ended up identifying that the problem exists somewhere with the exit
process after a stack smash happens and is handled.
I experimentally decided to take the ssp exit code directly from

Replacing the exit code and exiting with SIGKILL, the program now
reports the Stack Smashing and exits without crashing and core
Interestingly, if I used SIGABRT with the uClibc code, the program
would crash and core dump.

My system for the test case is uClibc- based with gcc-4.4.2
and binutils-2.20.

I do not remember seeing this problem way back whenever I was using
the book's GCC and Binutils.
The book specifies gcc-4.1.2 and binutils 2.17, so I assume this
combination properly aborts with crashing?

Has anybody on this list tried gcc-4.4.2 with SSP either under glibc or uClibc?

Does this segfault happen when uClibc's internal ssp is used instead
of the GCC libssp?

Kevin Day

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