DT_TEXTREL and zlib

deant at hawaii.rr.com deant at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Nov 2 13:59:20 PST 2009

On Mon Nov 2 10:35:59 MST 2009 Robert Connolly wrote:
> Are you using CFLAGS? This shouldn't happen because GCC should be using -fPIC. 
> For a workaround, add -fPIC to zlib's Makefile. And pay attention to see if 
> this happens with other packages.

No, I wasn't using a CFLAGS environment variable.

I was working under the assumption that the first sed in 
gcc_pass1.txt made -fPIC the default behavior, although I 
now notice that that change is absent from the pass2
compiler, which is actually the one used to build zlib

Am I supposed to start the pass2 compiler build "on
top of" the pass1 compiler sources?  (Ie with the fPIC
and VERSUFFIX changes?)

-dean takemori

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