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Robert Connolly robert at
Sat May 30 16:42:34 PDT 2009

On Wednesday May 24 2006 03:48:43 am Declan Moriarty wrote:
> I hit the kernel booting issue here that others have. I found
> Sebastian's post in the archives. Basically it said that the patch for
> is wrong on this line
> 	class_device_create(frandom_class, NULL,
> and that the "NULL," shouldn't be there. I made it so and got booted.
> It seems the man has built a fair few kernels to figure this out.
> Have I affected the functioning of the frandom stuff in any way, and how
> can I check it's working OK?

class_device_create(9) was removed from 2.6.28. device_create(9) was added 
during the migration to use a new device api, and is almost drop in 

I compared to the device_create() in mem.c, and frandom.c's device_create() 
arguments are identical, so I think the NULL's are in the right place.

I'm doing a second build to confirm the only thing needed to fix 
linux- for the latest kernel 
is 's/class_device_create/device_create/'. My first test build with a minimal 
config built frandom.o without warnings or errors.

Need to reboot and try it to be sure, and I'll repost to this thread.

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