To boot or to Chroot.

robert baker robertmbaker at
Thu May 14 14:11:42 PDT 2009

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 3:07 PM, Robert Connolly
<robert at> wrote:
> It's not showing up on hlfs-book mailing list, or on the news page on the
> website. lfs-book had this problem before, but I don't know how it got fixed.
> The workaround is for you to join the hlfs-book mailing list.
> robert

My gmail address is subscribed to both hlfs-dv, and hlfs-book. I am
assuming I would need to use a email address to
work around this issue? If thats the case I don't know how to get
setup with one. (I am probably just missing something simple like
server details)

Do you think HEAD should be rolled back to before I commited my
changes? I can absolutely resubmit if you feel its for the best. After
all this time I would like to contribute to the project as best as I
can, but I don't want to trample all over your work. Thank you for
your patience and diplomacy.

Robert Baker

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