Onward - Booting the temporary system.

robert baker robertmbaker at gmail.com
Mon May 4 07:34:37 PDT 2009

Over the weekend I managed to sort out a basic rough draft for making
the temporary system boot. I have started uploading minor corrections
to some of the pages already in svn. Once I get some better
formatting, and comments into my rough drafts I would be interested in
updating svn with additional pages.

The problems I was having building glibc were simply because I missed
a sed from the SVN-20080603 steps I was replicating. Duh.... Glibc
compiles without error on the rebooted system for me now. My Udev
problems were also resolved by digging through various bug reports.
Evidently udev.conf needs a udev_root="/dev" directive when being
run from a different install --prefix.

We can either use seds or a patch to fix the clfs bootscripts
intall-minimal so it runs from within tools. All I have that is
outside of the /tools directory now is the normal directory structure,
a handfull of symlinks,/root/.bash_profile, /dev, and a few touched
log files.

Robert Baker

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