Pushing forward with Onward.

robert baker robertmbaker at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 09:28:01 PDT 2009

I have taken the time to run through the rest of my current build. My
build is basically a mix of the Onward branch, and HTML SVN-20080603.
Anywhere where we had a newer package or patch in Onward I used that.
With everything else I followed along with SVN-20080603. The only
other difference is that I am using linux- and its
corresponding grsec patch.

It is worth mentioning that various test suites can be finicky if your
locale is not configured properly.

Test suite failures:
Coreutils has one network related failure that should be expected this
early in our build.
Perl has one failure relating to syslog that should be expected this
early in our build.
Automake has three test failures that are resolved once flex, and bzip
are installed.
Findutils has one test failure that is resolved once gawk is installed

Build Failures:
This fails to build because of some conflict between capbility.h in
libcap and types.h in the kernel headers (I am still useing
so this may not happen with It can be worked around by
#include <linux/types.h> in progs/capsh.c before #include <sys/capability.h>

Because I was following along with the SVN-20080603 instructions, and
using the version of bash from Onward I hit a snag. Evidently there
are some new functions in the builtin readline that comes with bash.
These functions are not in the latest stable readline so builds fail
unless you allow bash to build it's builtin readline. Can we omit the
readline package or do other things depend on it?

Everything else went as I would expect it to, and the test suites were
all very clean.

I am probably going to start again at the beginning within the next week or so.

Robert Baker

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