Readjusted linker issues etc.

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Jun 10 17:30:11 PDT 2009

On Tuesday June 9 2009 11:55:58 pm robert baker wrote:
 Ok somehow I missed the patch that Robert Connolly made for
> binutils-2.19.1 and I was using the patch for binutils-2.9 that is in
> the onward patches.txt. All tests pass in binutils, glibc, and gcc
> using an amended specs file, and the binutils-2.19.1 patch. We need to
> bump the version of the pt-pax-flags patch in onward to avoid these
> failures.

If I remember correctly, I sent the difference for the test suite to PaX team 
for 2.19.1, but they ignored it. I should email again.

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