HLFS Build

Mr. T wonkey_donkey at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jul 11 05:42:01 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I just thought I would pass on some info from something I've been doing 
with HLFS recently.

I've built the various flavours of LFS many times over the past year or 
so.  Mainly just to have a go and see.  I've had all 3 up and running at 
the end of the builds (My first working HLFS build was completed just a 
few days ago after many attempts).

I got to thinking about the packages in HLFS and looking at the home 
pages, how dated some of them are, so I tried a little experiment, again 
just to have a go and see if it would work.

What I am doing is this:

To build HLFS with updated packages detailed in LFS-SVN.  To put that 
into perspective, I looked at the packages in both builds to see if I 
could incorporate the newer packages into an HLFS build.

To give it the best chance of success, what I've done is to leave the 
toolchain alone ie. keep that with the original package versions, 
patches etc and used exactly the same build instructions.  As for the 
rest of the packages, I compared the build instructions in each to see 
if there were specific changes that were likely to work in one but not 
the other.

As for the kernel, I have used the newest one available that is covered 
by the latest stable grsec patch (

Although the build is not yet complete (I'm currently part way through 
Chapter 6), everything is going well so far with most of the 
non-toolchain packages using the updated versions.  It certainly 'feels' 
a lot snappier so far.

I know there has been some discussion about an updated HLFS over recent 
months, I just wanted to give it a go myself and see if what I had 
learnt could be put to good use.

If anyone has any thoughts about this approach, or pointers to look out 
for, I would appreciate all comments.

I will report back again when it is complete (or otherwise!).

Just for information, the reasons behind trying this are:

1.  Just to give it a go and see what happens.
2.  The disparity in package versions between HLFS/BLFS and LFS/BLFS.
3.  To see what would happen using more up to date packages.
4.  To get more practice/experience, as I would like to eventually use 
HLFS as the basis for a production system on my desktop.



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