Libtool Issues - HLFS builds

Mwanguhya Daniel Murungi dmurungi at
Sat Jan 24 05:41:08 PST 2009


I have been having issues ('... multiple definitions of stack ...') building kdelibs on HLFS and after trying lots of stuff that didn't work
(checking makefiles, CFLAGS e.t.c), I checked the generated libtool file and for postdeps, i found the following;

# Dependencies to place after the objects being linked to create a 
# shared library.
postdeps="-lstdc++ -lm -lssp_nonshared -lssp -lssp_nonshared -lssp -lgcc_s -lintl -lc -lgcc_s"

On checking the system version (installed in Chapter 6.23) i found the same line and worse (i think); paths for some utilities (sed, grep, ld, gzip, ...) were pointing to /tools/bin

After removing '-lssp -lssp_nonshared' from the generated libtool, kdelibs builds successfully.


I) Why is '-lssp_nonshared -lssp' included twice? Is it because we have
two versions of libssp (one from Chapter 6.12 [GCC Libssp; installed
in /lib] and chapter 6.14 [Butterfly toolchain; installed in /usr/lib])?

II) What should I do to get rid of hard coded paths like '/tools/lib/gcc/i486-anchor-linux-uclibc/4.1.2/crtbeginS.o' for variables like predep_objects, postdep_objects, compiler_lib_search_dirs

- am using dpkg and apt for package management, that's how I found the
'double copies' of libssp 
- I tried libtool-2.2 and outcome is the same as above


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