Booting the temporary system

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Feb 23 19:48:44 PST 2009

I'm not sure if we even need typical boot scripts.

Grub can be configured to use /tools/bin/init. /tools/bin/init can be modified 
to use /tools/etc/inittab. 

/tools/bin/initscript adds /tools/bin to $PATH, if needed.

/tools/etc/linuxrc (or whatever) can mount /proc, start udevd, sshd, and 
whatever else. Capabilities can also be set on agetty and login in this 

Agetty wants to write to /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp. This can be modified 
to use /tools/var, but I don't know if that will cause problems. If agetty 
can use /tools/var, without causing problems with other stuff we install 
later, then we don't need to create directories before rebooting, and don't 
need root before rebooting (except for Grub). We create /tools/etc/passwd, 
and modify agetty/login, and maybe glibc, to use that. Same 
with /tools/etc/mtab.

Or, would be be better to create directories, and set their ownership and 
permissions, before rebooting, and let agetty use /var, and let mount 
use /etc.

Except for possible problems iwth utmp/wtmp, I like the first method better. 
Maybe there are other ways?

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