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Fri Sep 19 00:37:43 PDT 2008

> I like all these ideas.
>> >  *  Some things would require running shell commands and cacheing of few
>> > kbs (branch snapshot to download)...
> The wiki page should be reasonably easy to read (spacing, etc). The wiki pages 
> should work as shell scripts when downloaded with the link. This download 
> link is important, so that wget can mass download a text book from the 
> current wiki. It would also be nice to have a simple way to publish snapshots 
> of the wiki into html, for releases.
> Getting nice spacing, etc, on the wiki page ends up putting html code in the 
> text version. This is my major problem right now.
Yes, and Utopia is found on all web sites...

A wiki is just another Content Management System (CMS). There are hundreds of
canned CMS. Too bad you chose to install Trac. Yukk. I had expected you would
write your own CMS, in the tradition of xLFS.

To provide all those things mentioned for trac, exotic server-side Python 'trac
modules' must be written to override the core behaviors of the inadequate
system. That's hard work and requires the developer to have a functional Trac
installation for his testing as well.

The main reason they chose python was because there is existing python code that
integrates well with SVN, however that can be done using any language.

Otherwise it should require the same developer only 3 weeks to write the entire
system from scratch for the same requirements using commonplace PHP. duh...

The KISS principle holds true. Be happy with what you got or start coding.

Marty B.

If you play the Windows CD backwards, you may hear satanic messages.
But more frightening; when you play it forward, it installs Windows!

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