Petr Cerny peterph-lists at black-net.org
Sat Oct 18 12:50:34 PDT 2008

Jan Dvorak wrote:
> Another question I'd like to ask,
> 	what is HLFS going to do about x86_64 architecture? I spend most of my time 
> with machines that have _at_least_ 4G RAM, which is an obvious argument for 
> 64-bits. Plus it's quickly becoming the only supported platform where I work.
> 	I would like to see 64-bit HLFS too, is that a sin?

I have done some things towards x86_64 HLFS however, it had to be
postponed as I had more important things to do (and other are still
piling up out there). Basically I ended up with a working
SVN-20080303:6.10. Glibc-2.5.1-multilib, i.e. able to build both 32- and
64-bit code right before creating the Butterfly toolchain. That should
be one of the last steps, which should require changes (with PaX and
kernel configuration being the other ones).

I hope to get back to it sometimes in mid November. For those who want
to play with it: check CLFS (IMHO it's instructing to build a bare 64bit
 system, which is subsequently used for creating a 64bit HLFS). Most of
the time you will be doing substitutions like s,/lib,/lib64,g , and
optionally compiling twice, if you want to end up with a multilib
system. As a bonus, there might be some additional (though usually
straightforward) patching for binutils/gcc.

Kind regards

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