Wiki Development Festival

Jan Dvorak mordae at
Sat Oct 18 05:51:06 PDT 2008

Answer these, please:

 * Do we want the book to be completely maintainable online, or are we 
comfortable enough with some source control system?

 * If Subversion (git?) is enough, do we want everything nicely (with colors 
and such) accessible online, or are we okay with static dumps?

 * Do we want automatic dumps, or are going to submit them when we want?

 * Do we want tools to create (or at least verify) builds, pages, patches..?

 * Have the tools be online? If everything is, it's obvious, but if not?

 * Do we want web interface to submit new things? Is e-mail not enough?

 * What source control system are we going to use, if we are not bringing it 
online? Subversion is there, but there are alternatives that simplifies 
collaboration a bit.

 * How many people out there are actually interested in working on the book 
and not only reading/following it?

Thanks for your opinions.

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