Wiki Development Festival

Jan Dvorak mordae at
Fri Oct 17 11:51:58 PDT 2008

On Friday 17 October 2008 20:30:28 Jan Dvorak wrote:
> 	I am asking you for any ideas you may have. I expect a discussion where
> everyone who wants to read or even commit to new HLFS book shares his idea
> of a comfortable and practical tool we are going to use Onwards.

 * Anyone may register. He/she must only provide a valid e-mail address and 
prove his non-robotic nature.

 * There are some site administrators. They can do things. Promote or remove 
users, create or delete book branches etc..

 * Anyone can get promoted by an administrator to either editor or 
administrator level.

 * Editors can freely fork or create branches. They can only remove their own 

 * Every branch has a list of people who are it's editors. For this branch, 
there people are granted at least editor privileges. Meaning they can edit 

 * Every branch has some pages and some files. Pages are organized into 
chapters and are shell scripts presented as neat HTML files when viewed on the 
web. Files are organized into directories and can be for example patches or 
sed scripts. Files' syntax is highlighted when viewed on the web.

 * Every branch can be downloaded as a whole or page-by-page, file-by-file.

 * All data are stored in flat files, but may not actually be identical with 
what would be downloaded and executed. Just no databases.

 * It will be written in PHP 'cause I can't do it in anything else that fast.

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