Wiki Development Festival

Jan Dvorak mordae at
Fri Oct 17 11:30:28 PDT 2008

Hi fellow fromscratchers,

	there is a weekend coming. I  understand you want to be with your families. I 
know you were planning KDE4 SVN build on Saturday to Sunday night. And yes, 
I've taken in the account you have to finish reading your preferred DNS 
server's networking code to make sure it is really secure.

	But... HLFS needs you. Right now, Robert has to go through pain and suffering 
of not having nice colored HTML book and having to write shell scripts in an 
old text editor. And not only him. Other people, especially newbies, have no 
chance of understanding fruits of his work if they are not served with sweet, 
colorful topping of CSS.

	We need a Wiki. Our wiki.

	I am asking you for any ideas you may have. I expect a discussion where 
everyone who wants to read or even commit to new HLFS book shares his idea of 
a comfortable and practical tool we are going to use Onwards.

	I am seriously going to write it, if you are serious enough.

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