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Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Oct 8 01:02:09 PDT 2008

Updated book is at:

I don't want to make a mess with svn yet, but soon.

Glibc refuses to install sbin's to /tools/sbin...

Instead of using the LFS rolled up Bash fixes patch, I added a wget command in 
the patches page to mass download the patches from gnu.org, and a command in 
the Bash page to apply them all. This way it maintains itself as new patches 
are added to gnu.org.

To get GCC building with read-only sources, throughout the book, the following 
commands work to set the dynamic loader name:
sed -i.orig '/GLIBC_DYNAMIC_LINKER/{
}' gcc/config/i386/linux.h &&
make configure-host &&
echo '#define GLIBC_DYNAMIC_LINKER "/tools/lib/ld-linux.so.2"
#define STANDARD_INCLUDE_DIR 0' >> gcc/auto-host.h

To link to /lib, just don't append to auto-host.h, and build GCC normally. I 
didn't add this to the book, yet, because it's a bit messy, and as long as 
Glibc's refuses to build with read-only sources it's pointless.

Everything is building from an object directory.

I made a new fpie patch which adds '--warn-shared-textrel --fatal-warnings'. 
The fatal error can be disabled with -Wl,--no-fatal-warnings. This has the 
side effect of making mktemp(3) and tmpnam(3) cause a build error, so the 
mkstemp patch for Patch is added to the temporary tools. It found DT_TEXTREL 
in e2fsprogs libraries too. tmpnam is used in Perl, but I can't find a way 
around it... maybe we can trick Perl's ./Configure into thinking our libc 
doesn't have tmpnam.

Coreutils insists on using asprintf from gnulib, including 
ignoring --cache-file=config.cache, and its causing a million warnings, and 
not using asprintf from Glibc. I pulled my hair out trying to fix this, and 
it didn't help. The M4 package has the same problem.

I dropped the -N from patch commands, using 'patch -p1 -i ../' instead. The -N 
option is "Ignore patches that seem to be reversed or already applied.", and 
that means something is wrong.

It looks 
like ./Configure -Dlibc=/tools/lib/libc-2.8.so -Ulocincpth -Uloclibpth -Dglibpth="/tools/lib" -Dusrinc="/tools/include" 
is equivalent to the Perl libc patch. It's ugly, but I think it's correct and 
it's one less patch.

I added --infodir=$(pwd)/DESTDIR --mandir=$(pwd)/DESTDIR to every package, so 
we don't install any docs to /tools. Miniperl doesn't install docs, so this 
actually works, except with Bzip2.

libexec stuff is installed to /tools/lib, so we don't have a /tools/libexec.

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