mktemp = coreutils conflict

Kevin Day thekevinday at
Wed May 21 07:08:42 PDT 2008

I just noticed that coreutils is installing its own version of mktemp
over the one installed by the mktemp project

I am not certain whether this is better, worse, or the same because I
have no idea how their implementation differs, if any.

I looked around on the LFS/BLFS lists to see if they mention mktemp as
a program of coreutils and found no reference.
This was probably not caught because they installed mktemp after
coreutils, but for some reason I ended up installing mktemp-1.5 before
coreutils and noticed this issue.

I expect one should use the configure option: --enable-no-install-program=mktemp
to default to the mktemp project.

However, this begs the question if the coreutils is any more or any
less secure than the mktemp project's mktemp program.

Kevin Day

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