libnids-1.23 + TEXTREL

Daniel Murungi dmurungi at
Sat Mar 29 00:36:29 PDT 2008

After installing scanlogd on hlfs and it works fine with libpcap. But when I 
try building with libnids (which is reputed to be better than pcap since 
pcap cannot capture fragmented packets) the libnids complains about failure 
to share text segment. 

readelf produces the following output: 

root [/sources/libnids-1.23 ]# readelf -d src/ | grep TEXTREL
 0x00000016 (TEXTREL)                    0x0 

I have tried changing the compile time flags (-fno-fast-math -fPIC -fPIE) 
like I did for procps but with no luck. Need some help 

NB: I haven't had as much experience with this stuff as u guys so PLEASE 
don't flame me if i cannot (yet) explain my issues as eloquently as u.

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