Slow development

Robert Connolly robert at
Fri Mar 28 22:03:21 PDT 2008

I just want to let you all know, again, that I'm not dead. I have been doing a 
lot of hours at work, Sunday's are my only real day off, and I have been too 
tired or doing laundry to think much about hlfs. I don't have any dates or 
timeframes to give for new additions like libcap, but I can say it's still on 
my mind.

Those of you who have known me over the years should know that I'm up and 
down. Breaks in hlfs development eventually end with heavy development when I 
make the time.

I'm also working on a new manifesto which clarifies goals and principals for 
hlfs, and defines why hlfs is different. I began by comparing aircraft 
development to hardened software, in that no single part of an aircraft 
(passanger jet) should cause the failure of the aircraft. Hardening is a 
system of redundancy. Hlfs puts the responsibility in your hands, with as 
much information as possible... it's not a presentation for end users, it's 
designed for system developers. This manifesto would help lead the road map. 
I don't think the current/old manifesto/roadmap/goals are defined well enough 
to be usefull.

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