glibc issues

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Mar 24 18:58:57 PDT 2008

I am trying this now. It looks like it works, at least partially. Whenever the 
test suite finishes I'll report how it ended. I'm using the unmodified 
(-fpic) specs from embryo.

I'd like the GCC test suite to work. There may be unknown bugs, but since the 
entire test suite fails it's impossible to know.


On Friday March 21 2008 08:38:44 pm Robert Connolly wrote:
> Actually, I just had an idea. Replace gcc/xgcc with a shell script
> with '/path/to/xgcc.bin -specs=/tools/vanilla-specs'. Then restore it
> before installing. The specs from embryo are vanilla except for the
> -fpic... this can be dumped to somewhere in /tools for use in the butterfly
> tests.
> Should work, in theory.
> robert

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