glibc issues

Lampros Liontos reteo at
Mon Mar 24 12:48:53 PDT 2008

marty <marty at ...> writes:

> Robert's glibc-hlfs book builds pretty well if you follow the directions
> EXACTLY and don't get creative. You should have 0(zero) Error 1 failures.

I've continued, and there does not seem to be any major issues.  For the case
of safety, however, once chapter 6 was completed, I started it over to ensure
a clean and proper build.

In addition, I am not going for a vanilla build; Some of the packages I intend
to use are not covered by the vanilla HLFS build, including Metalog, dhcpd, and
> Building HLFS is an unforgiving process. If you are seeing terminal failures,
> the toolchain is probably already borked. Just start all over again fresh from
> the beginning, (as many times as it takes to overcome human nature:)

I think the failures are based in the fact that I'm building a hardened system
in a differently-hardened system (gentoo-hardened), and the two sets of options
are conflicting with one another.

> When you post, include some build environment info for reference. Some
> platforms have issues that are not documented.

Okay.  What information would be appropriate for such a situation.  The system
is a 2.8GHz P4 with 1GB of RAM.  The host OS is a hardened Gentoo system using
kernel  Pax does seem to be installed, which accounts for the original
issue that started this thread.  Having passed that hurdle, however, there does
not seem to be any instability at this time.

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