glibc issues

marty marty at
Sat Mar 22 07:54:56 PDT 2008

>> > Those tests require an executable stack.
>> > 
>> > Read it again.
>> > The Glibc test suite depends on features of the host system kernel. Under ideal
>> > conditions...
> Alright.  This is actually my second build attempt; I had decided to continue
> past this one the first time, only to have the butterfly build check, twelve
> hours later, still working on a long line of FAILs.  I'll probably go back, and
> give the details, but I was starting to wonder if these errors might be the
> source of the problem.

Robert's glibc-hlfs book builds pretty well if you follow the directions EXACTLY
and don't get creative. You should have 0(zero) Error 1 failures.

Building HLFS is an unforgiving process. If you are seeing terminal failures,
the toolchain is probably already borked. Just start all over again fresh from
the beginning, (as many times as it takes to overcome human nature:)

When you post, include some build environment info for reference. Some platforms
have issues that are not documented.

Marty B.

Building a better mousetrap only results in better mice. C. Darwin

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