root+tar's '--same-owner --preserve' options

marty marty at
Tue Mar 11 02:48:52 PDT 2008

> The first mistake would be that the scripts are run as root.
> If they must be run as root, then you probably should be checking
> their functionality anyway.
> In which case, you can add the -p as your checking.
> Otherwise letting some scripts run as root without even questioning
> it...well I think people joined this mailing list to get away from
> such bad practices and not turn a blind eye to them.

Actually, the first mistake would be typing with your brain turned off.
'WHO' other than root can restore a backup or do anything else to a root
filesystem? I would not need to question the cron scripts I use to do backups,
nor the functionality of Amanda or other backup programs used in good practice.
Tar is old and a has dozens of dependent programs that will not work with this
"new and improved" version. That patch is well meaning, but misconceived IMO.

Marty B.

A better mousetrap results in better mice. C. Darwin.

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