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Lasse Kliemann lasse-hlfs-2008 at mail.plastictree.net
Sat Jun 7 11:41:32 PDT 2008

* Message by -Chris Buxton- from Tue 2008-06-03:
> You could use a CMS for this, where you maintain flat text files and  
> it formats them as HTML. You could also probably use a wiki, so that  
> the book could be edited collaboratively.

One does not need a wiki for that. Just give everyone SVN access (or whatever 
revision control system is in use). A wiki means that people are forced to do 
text work inside of a web browser. That's not what web browsers were designed 
for. I want to use *real* text editors and not that toy "editor" which is 
offered by current web browsers, and which has virtually no editing 
capabilities and where I will lose my work whenever the browser crashes or 
the browser window is closed by accident. I know that there exists mozex and 
alike, but these are nothing more than workarounds that will get in the way 
of productivity sooner or later.

> A wiki with a comments  
> system would seem to me to be the most useful way to go.

A wiki as an *additional* place for users to make comments, exchange 
suggestions, etc. might in fact be helpfull.
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