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* Message by -Robert Connolly- from Tue 2008-06-03:

> I want to bring us back to 1969, with a plain text book. In a single tarball 
> have the book, boot scripts, maybe patches too, separated by directories 
> instead of links. Pages for packages can be written with #comments so they 
> can be run as shell scripts to install packages. Each package has a 
> directory, with it's patches (if any), grsecurity policy for the programs, 
> and file lists for tripwire (and/or package manager).
Generally, I agree.

> A book like this would make me much much happier. It's easy to maintain, and 
> practical. It's not very easy to read from an html browser, but maybe a 
> simple index.html page could be done to keep things browsable, and easy on 
> svn if a new package is added or if packages are moved around.

Informative text files could be written in nroff, making the text look nicer 
for the reader and also allowing authors to have better maintainable source 
code. I find it cumbersome to work inside a text file that is already 
formatted for viewing (like writing email). For instance, I like semantic 
line breaks (i.e., inserting a line break in order that words are grouped in 
lines under semantic aspects; in practice usually meaning that one inserts a 
line break roughly after every clause or sentence), that allow me to fully 
benefit from vim's line-editing capabilities. Also, diffs are much more 
usefull with semantic line breaks.

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