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Thu Jun 5 16:19:13 PDT 2008

The book issue is a matter of choice for the editor.
He is way brighter than me.
I have no problem with any format, but some are easier.
I will blabber some here...

each section is retained in a text file;
and if the text file is inserted into a MySQL database as a record:
Any page in the book can be retrieved as an HTML web page. Easily.

PHP is a high level language that makes things really easy including database
access and formatting. That is how my CMS works. My CMS is very tiny and PHP
driven, with no bells and whistles. (See my site) I have used this for 2 years
without any type of problem. It can present anything, in any format, securely.
What's wrong with that? Nothing if you use it, or if you don't.
This is a very reliable mechanism, and can be synched with SVN also. Got it
going. But this is just a consideration.

The text storage format has absolutely nothing to do with the storage mechanism.
The storage mechanism has nothing to do with language used to process the data.
PHP is only used server side and will only render pages as designed.
It is not a format or a storage mechanism. It is a programming language only.

I suggest the book stay with mainstream for practical purposes.
And unless HLFS becomes an independent branch there is no better alternative.

Marty B.

Building a better mousetrap only results in better mice. C. Darwin

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