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Thu Jun 5 15:56:06 PDT 2008

I disagree with your premise. man pages are useful, especially if you  
install an uncommon version of a command (e.g. busybox). I'm not  
convinced about locales and non-English documentation, but support for  
Unicode on the command line might be handy if I can get dig compiled  
with IDN support.

Of course, I'm not building a server for my own use. I'm working on an  
appliance that my company can offer for sale.

Chris Buxton
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On Jun 5, 2008, at 3:03 PM, marty wrote:

> Ah, gotta love it. Stupidy.
> checking how to build HTML documentation... not built
> configure: error: cannot build HTML documentation
> BARF...
> ./configure --drop-the-friggin-docs
> I don't want all this intrusive, bloat on my servers!!!! Drop it!
> Texinfo, Groff, Man, Man-Pages, Info, etc are garbage. Get rid of  
> them.
> Get rid of the damn locales too. useless. And all those foreign  
> language crap;
> let them learn your language or go elsewhere. I don't want to  
> accommodate them.
> Nobody else does either. All that junk is totally useless on a real  
> world HLFS
> server; (and HLFS has no other valid uses). Only a moron think it is  
> suitable,
> or even needed for a desktop system.
> Marty B.
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