Future format of the book

J. Greenlees lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Wed Jun 4 17:52:44 PDT 2008

Chris Buxton wrote:
> You could use a CMS for this, where you maintain flat text files and  
> it formats them as HTML. You could also probably use a wiki, so that  
> the book could be edited collaboratively. A wiki with a comments  
> system would seem to me to be the most useful way to go.
Good point, a Content Management System [ CMS can also be Customer /
Complaint Management ] is meant for the type of use that the website
needs. If it is configured to NOT store files in the database, but in
folders instead, then Robert's plain text folder structure request can
also be met.
The CMS would enable editors to add pages, approved members to edit
pages and regular members to comment on pages, keeping the control over
the content in the hands of the editors.
 though it would be admins, moderators and members respectively in the

The svn integration would likely be the sticky point.

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