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Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Tue Jun 3 22:31:03 PDT 2008

Even an LFS system wouldn't work as a build host - it doesn't have the  
correct kernel in either case. The only workaround I can see is to  
flesh out Chapter 5 to the point where the target system is minimally  
bootable and self-sufficient, and then boot up the target at the  
beginning of Chapter 6 (instead of entering the chroot).

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On Jun 3, 2008, at 7:27 PM, Robert Connolly wrote:

> To use Libcap2/fcaps we need linux-2.6.24 with the capabilities  
> module loaded,
> and ext2/ext3/reiserfs filesystem, on the host system... if the /bin/ 
> passwd
> program is using capabilities, then the host needs linux-2.6.24  
> capabilities
> or we can't set the root password before rebooting. To use grsec  
> rbac we need
> a grsec kernel... to set grsec rbac rules as packages are installed.
> I would like to keep hlfs designed to be hardened on the first boot,  
> and not
> designed to be set up with grsec rules after first boot.
> This will screw using knoppix or the lfs-livecd as a host system,  
> while having
> the side effect of forcing new users to have some advance knowledge  
> of what
> they're getting into and how to set it up. The main disadvantage is  
> that I
> don't know of any live-cd that meets these requirements, so  
> installing on a
> brand new system would be impossible.
> It's a catch22. Ideally you should trust the host system, and you  
> can only
> really do that with an LFS host system. On the other hand, it's  
> unfair to
> expect everyone with a brand new system to install LFS before HLFS.
> Without distributing an hlfs-live-cd I don't see a way around this.  
> Even if we
> find workarounds for these two issues (someone-elses livecd), it  
> wouldn't
> account for future issues of the same nature.
> robert
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