entropy sources

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Sat Jul 12 07:49:06 PDT 2008

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Subject: entropy sources

> What sources of entropy can we give to an HLFS system? I'm concerned
> about /dev/random in a headless, diskless appliance. Obviously, we
> have /dev/{u,f,e}random for most day-to-day operations, but for some
> applications, /dev/random is needed. For example, when generating ssh
> keys, and also when creating other high-security keys like DNSSEC keys.
In the last kernel message to remove the last entropy collection from
network drivers
I find a reference to clrngd that is not described in entropy hint.

Having an entropy gathering demon could be a prerequisite on 2.6 kernel for
headless machines with no more entropy sampled from network.
Hardware generator may be the ideal solution but far from all existing
machines have one. I have one compilation machine wich sometime suffer from
empty random pool.

I have compiled clrngd and just run once.

What I like to this approach is that it does not require a driver/hardware
unlike audio/video or real hw generator. So that should be easy to run on
any machines without hw generator.
I would welcome experience from other on clrngd (cpu load, randomness,...)


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