Two copies of Libssp

Daniel Murungi dmurungi at
Thu Jul 10 21:26:00 PDT 2008


I ported dpkg to my hlfs and am using the debhelper and dh_make progs to 
build chapter 6. 

I changed the host triplet in to "i486-anchor-linux-uclibc" and 
when I build libssp (chapter 6.12) with the, I only end up with 
the static libraries(even when I pass --enable-shared to the configure 
script). When I remove the, the shared libraries are built. 

The butterfly toolchain also installs libssp.s0* and in 
/usr/lib. I removed the libssp (built from chapter 6.12) and when I build 
sed, the configure script fails. Config.log shows that /usr/bin/ld cannot 
find (This file exists in /usr/lib). When I reinstall 
the libssp package (from chapter 6.12), sed builds successfully. 

What I want is to have one 'copy' of libssp and once 'copy' of How do I achieve this? 


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