North Atlantic Hardened Linux From Scratch Festival

Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Jul 10 17:00:48 PDT 2008

On Thursday July 10 2008 09:06:44 am thorsten wrote:
> Robert Connolly wrote:
> > Hello. Everyone is invited to the North Atlantic Hardened Linux From
> > Scratch Festival (drinking contest). Since many hlfsers are European I
> > thought it would be fair to meet half way, in Iceland :-) Held from July
> > 18th to August 1st, 2008. Expected attendance is between one and two
> > people, including myself.
> >
> > robert
> Well, drinking some beer in one of those hot-vulcano-driven-water-tubs
> while the landscape just sits there watching you, sounds like beeing not
> the worst which may happen in life... Have fun, I liked Iceland very
> much, nice Country, great nature, nice people...much space!

I'm doing 2 nights in Reykjavík, 4 nights in Akureyri, with stops at Geysir 
and Gullfoss, and then about 6 days for the Fimmvörduhals trek, and returning 
to Reykjavík for another night. I have enough camera memory for 8000 

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