Udev issue

Filip Bartmann filbar at centrum.cz
Wed Jul 2 07:24:16 PDT 2008

I have successfully compiled HLFS, byt I found some issue with udev. The
HLFS udev bootscript doesn't match the current udev version in the
book. In the bootscript is executed commands which aren't currently in
Next when I try use udev in the HLFS book to autoload kernel modules I
found, that the udev doesn't work. I use commands udevtrigger and
udevsettle, but nothing of auto modules was load.
If I use version of udev which is in LFS book, the new command-udevadm
which is this version new work perfectly. If I run udevadm trigger and
udevadm settle all of modules for my harware are loaded.

Filip Bartmann

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