Cocoon toolchain test

Mwanguhya Daniel Murungi dmurungi at
Tue Jul 1 06:47:39 PDT 2008

Thanks Robert. I don't need to mess with Debian ( was dreading it actually)
. Thanks for the new book too (SVN-20080603) will try it out this weekend.


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Glibc uses the abort signal with ssp and fortify source, and libssp from the
gcc package uses an illegal instruction signal. Both are equivalent. There
should be a note for this in the uClibc book.


On Monday June 30 2008 03:17:39 am Mwanguhya Daniel Murungi wrote:
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> > In chapter 5.10 of the svn-20080603 book using uClibc, the compiler 
> > tests show a desired result of 'aborted'. The result I get is 
> > 'Illegal instruction'.
> >
> >Sorry,
> >I don't use uclib but it looks like a patch is missing. Watch the 
> >results
> close when >you apply the patches. It appears your toolchain is borked.
> >Be sure you rm -rf $HLFS/sources/cocoon* before you try again.
> >
> >Marty B
> >
> >--
> >Building a better mousetrap only results in better mice. C. Darwin
> Am not sure if it's a patch issue. In fact all the HLFS builds I have 
> done output 'Illegal instruction' instead of the 'Aborted' line. I 
> thought it was the host OS (Slackware 11.0 , Slackware 12.0) so I 
> changed to LFS(6.3) as the host and I get the same 'Illegal instruction'
instead of 'Aborted'.
> (I want to try Debian this weekend)
> As for patches I added a couple of uclibc patches from the buildroot 
> project but the 'Illegal instruction' remains. Since my HLFS builds 
> are working 'perfectly' ( I even got carried away and added dpkg 
> tools, X-server, firefox and Enlightenment, etc ) I figured this was 
> not a problem.
> I also get the 'Illegal instruction' line for the butterfly toolchain 
> SSP tests
> Someone please school me on this!

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