memory scrubbing

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Jan 30 03:59:57 PST 2008

On Tuesday January 29 2008 03:17:57 pm marty wrote:
> > I've noticed that when I start Xorg I see a screenshot of my previous
> > Xorg session. This survives a reboot. It looks like the memory just
> > becomes free when Xorg is shut down, and the image stays there until it's
> > overwritten.
> I remember something weird with xorg - private disk buffers or the like.
> Kernel will try to resume from swap unless you say no. I always use the
> kernel option "noresume" to prevent that. Faster too. Swap space can be
> cleared the same way it is made, but would present risks during the
> powerdown sequence.

It can't be from swap. My swap gets a random aes key with each reboot.

Is it impossible for the last data in video memory to still be there, 
inactively, after a reboot?

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