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Wed Jan 16 17:47:51 PST 2008

On Wednesday January 16 2008 07:08:52 pm Chris Buxton wrote:
> Well, disabling the building of static libraries during the butterfly
> toolchain did not fix it - I got the exact same error when building the
> shared libraries.
> Let me ask a few questions, if you will indulge me:
> 1. What is the purpose of building the gcc ssp library essentially right
> before building gcc itself? One of my guesses in trying to interpret the
> error message I posted (below) is that there is a conflict between the
> installed libssp and the one it's just built. (Is there a way to disable
> the rebuilding of libssp during the butterfly toolchain?)

Installing libssp before gcc might not be needed. It's there in case it helps.

> 2. In the "re-adjusting the toolchain" step, which comes between building
> libssp and the rest of gcc, there is this definition:
> export CONFIG_SITE=/usr/share/config.site
> Is it important that this environment variable be carried to later steps?
> The package user system tends to preclude this, though of course I could
> adjust the package skeleton, once this step is completed, to redefine this
> variable for each package user.

The uclibc settings in the config_site file are only used by gcc and binutils, 
as far as I know.

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