libcap (uclibc)

Robert Connolly robert at
Tue Feb 19 17:58:51 PST 2008

On Tuesday February 19 2008 08:39:20 pm Chris Buxton wrote:
> I got the uClibc book to work almost all the way through - I had some
> problems near the end of chapter 6, but I overcame them by replacing
> some packages with busybox. However, I quickly thereafter ran into
> problems with some proprietary software that needed to be installed,
> and was forced to start over with glibc.

There's a package called 'statifier'. If you can get it to work (it works, 
with patience), that will link all dependency libraries into programs and 
shared libraries. This way you can run ati's xorg libraries which are linked 
to glibc, on a uclibc host without glibc libraries. You can even use glibc 
files from a distro if you don't have them available.

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