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Tue Feb 19 17:54:09 PST 2008

On Tuesday February 19 2008 11:26:08 am Jaap Struyk wrote:
> Robert Connolly schreef:
> > Coreutils supports attr without patches, but file capabilities depends on
> > Linux drivers marked as "experimental".
> So would pax if it was in vanilla kernel, sounds like a great plan,
> maybe at the end of the book and some setup to get rid of suid bins?
> I find it also a pity that additional software isn't in the hlfs book
> any more (like openntpd in the past was) maybe it's a plan to write an
> additional chapter containing specific hardened software/tricks/configs?

I don't know how to handle this yet. There are a lot of choices for dealing 
with bhlfs.

One idea is to split chapter 6 into 'toolchain', 'system utilities and 
libraries' (coreutils, openssl), 'development' (make, perl), 'daemons and 
services' (sysklogd, shadow). The book is close to this now. This way 
everything has its place.

Or add a new chapter for blfs packages. We did this before. I didn't update 
the packages often, because at the end of the book I forgot about them. It 
was eventually deleted.

Both of the above ideas have the problem of duplicating the blfs pages. It's 

Or, use the blfs wiki. This idea has a lot of potential and is very flexable 
for everyone. There is one flaw, users have to follow the wiki link for every 
package. This can also be combined with #1.

Ask blfs for bhlfs links, under their wiki url link on their package pages, to 
a bhlfs wiki. So hlfs users jump to the blfs book like normal, and they just 
need to keep an eye out for a second wiki link. This is also inefficient, but 
less inefficient than copying blfs pages.

And then there's the issue of how hlfs copies lfs pages. A solution to the 
libcap page might want to consider this too. The differences between h{,b}lfs 
and {,}blfs might be 10%, and is not expected to get significantly greater.

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