libcap (uclibc)

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Tue Feb 19 17:39:20 PST 2008

I got the uClibc book to work almost all the way through - I had some  
problems near the end of chapter 6, but I overcame them by replacing  
some packages with busybox. However, I quickly thereafter ran into  
problems with some proprietary software that needed to be installed,  
and was forced to start over with glibc.

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On Feb 19, 2008, at 4:59 PM, Robert Connolly wrote:

> On Tuesday February 19 2008 01:52:36 pm Kevin Day wrote:
>> I remember there being trouble with this on uClibc, or is this in  
>> the past
>> now? Anyway, I might take a shot at with uClibc sometime soon and  
>> report
>> any luck, hacks, or patches.
> Last time I tried uClibc, I was stuck at GCC in chapter 6, but  
> someone else
> got through it and I think I added his differences. So, if the  
> uClibc book
> doesn't work right now, then it's close. If it does work it might  
> still need
> some tweaking.
> I want to add more and more tests to the book. Stuff I sometimes do,
> especially with uClibc, to check everything is okay. I'll need to  
> install
> Strace to chapter 5 soon.
> When the uClibc book finally works again, I'm going to try harder to  
> keep it
> working, by doing alfs builds more frequently and before big changes.
> robert
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