tests in 5.9. cocoon toolchain

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Feb 16 20:50:07 PST 2008

On Thursday February 14 2008 10:55:38 am Petr Cerny wrote:
> AFAIK gcc/config/ia64/linux.h is for Itanium (or whatever name that
> Intel RISC platform has). x86-64 should be in gcc/config/i386/linux64.h
> and (maybe but quite unlikely in gcc/config/i386/*64*).

I'm worried it's miscompiling. The endfile spec should be changed to something 

-   %{shared|pie:crtendS.o%s;:crtend.o%s} crtn.o%s"
+   %{shared|pie:crtendS.o%s;static|nopie|pg|p|
profile:crtend.o%s;:crtendS.o%s} \
+   crtn.o%s"

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