hlfs in French

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Tue Aug 26 17:15:24 PDT 2008

Hi Robert,

Since blfs is very big, I started by the "smallest" and so most easily translatable. So lfs has been already translated (6.3 and svn), and I'm finishing translation of hlfs (chapter 7 now). So it's done :) I'll follow probably with clfs (a bit bigger but no so much), then blfs (it will let enough time to find contributors too).

I guess with what I read that major changes will happen. I'm ready to follow them, in particular because I subscribed on hlfs-book. So I can follow all the movements when they come up. The hardest is translating one time. When it's done, no problem anymore, only to follow jhat is done in English release. So I'm not worry. With contributors it'll be eaiier (I have already some intereited people).

Why have I already translated? Because it's not too long as lfs, and because I was interested by hlfs. Instead of only reading it, I choosed translating too.

Don't hesit for any reacjion or decision :D

Sincerely, JP

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