Backspace and german umlauts (SVN 20080603)

Joerg lfs at
Mon Aug 18 02:34:00 PDT 2008

Hi there again,

please, could just someone try out if the umlaut / backspace issue is 
reproducible on another system.

Therefore use an empty command line on the console, enter 0252 with 
ALT-pressed on the NUMPAD (NUMLOCK active). When you see the umlaut hit 
backspace a few times and probably you can see that more chars are deleted 
than were entered.

Thanks and greetings

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008, Joerg wrote:

> Hello,
> I have problems with german umlauts on my HLFS SVN 20080603. Independent from 
> the keymap I use, currently the defkeymap, after typing a umlaut in bash I 
> can hit backspace twice and the cursor goes one step to far to the left. This 
> happens for every umlaut I type e.g. 3 umlauts and 6 backspaces.
> First I thought it could be a wrong setting for bash, as it is mostly when 
> backspace does not do what it is expected. But umlauts also mangle up my 
> login screen. After entering an umlaut hitting the backspace results in three 
> little squares with a question mark in it and the login screen is no longer 
> usable.
> I´m working on console and backspace works properly when no umlauts were 
> entered.
> For all non german keyboard users: Hit 0252 with ALT-pressed and active 
> NUMLOCK to receive a nice umlaut.
> My HLFS is built strictly after the SVN-20080603 book.
> Thank you in advance for a little help...
> -Joerg

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