Shadow 4.1 series

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Aug 17 00:19:02 PDT 2008

I did a feature request, and emailed the shadow mailing list, including a new 
adding openssl for des and md5. I don't know how to add sha*, but surely 
someone else does. In my email I also mentioned using openssl's 
RAND_pseudo_bytes() for password salt, because it's non-alphanumeric and much 
less predictable than gettimeofday+getpid (I'm getting tired of fixing what 
people think is entropy).

As for bcrypt, I'm stumbled on how to help with this. If Shadow accepts the 
openssl addition, then I'll bug them about adding sha1 and bcrypt for 
compatibility with the bsd's.


On Thursday August 7 2008 08:18:28 pm Kevin Day wrote:
> Your are correct, I cannot seem to find aes either.
> Perhaps I dreamed it up while I was sleeping.
> Anyway, I am going to make a request for Blowfish inclusion.
> There was some request before, but it was not accepted (nor shot down)
> due to them not knowing whether people would want it.  So I shall
> attempt to explain that there are people who do want blowfish in
> shadow.
> As an FYI, I am starting to reach a saturation point in mailing lists
> and am starting to forget which mailing list I am talking on. So,
> heres a heads up apology for any upcoming send to the wrong mailing
> list that is probably going to happen.
> --
> Kevin Day
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