Backspace and german umlauts (SVN 20080603)

Joerg lfs at
Tue Aug 12 02:04:35 PDT 2008


I have problems with german umlauts on my HLFS SVN 20080603. Independent 
from the keymap I use, currently the defkeymap, after typing a umlaut in 
bash I can hit backspace twice and the cursor goes one step to far to the 
left. This happens for every umlaut I type e.g. 3 umlauts and 6 

First I thought it could be a wrong setting for bash, as it is mostly 
when backspace does not do what it is expected. But umlauts also mangle up 
my login screen. After entering an umlaut hitting the backspace results in 
three little squares with a question mark in it and the login screen is no 
longer usable.

I´m working on console and backspace works properly when no umlauts were 

For all non german keyboard users: Hit 0252 with ALT-pressed and active 
NUMLOCK to receive a nice umlaut.

My HLFS is built strictly after the SVN-20080603 book.

Thank you in advance for a little help...


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