marty marty at goodoldmarty.com
Mon Aug 11 11:42:07 PDT 2008

Hardened Linux From Scratch - Version SVN-20080603
Linux localhost #1 Fri Aug 8 12:02:57 EDT
2008 i686 pentium4 i386 GNU/Linux

root at localhost:~# ss -u
State      Recv-Q Send-Q      Local Address:Port
Peer Address:Port
ESTAB      0      0     
Segmentation fault

oops, this is not good.

Rebuilt IPRoute2-2.6.23 a couple times but the problem
persists. NO compile errors.

I have more UDP listeners it should list. It is barfing
after the first one it finds. Aside from noting the
segfault, nothing else is written in my logs.

This looks like a IProute bug to me. Ideas please?

Marty B.
The only benefit from using other peoples software
is that is that you gain someone else to blame.

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