PIE Randomizations 2.6.25 kernel

Petr Cerny peterph at centrum.cz
Mon Apr 28 07:27:15 PDT 2008

Robert Connolly wrote:
> I heard about this in a uclibc, or something, irc channel about a year ago. 
> gcc/binutils -pie is only really usefull with randomization in the kernel (or 
> prelink), and the mainstream kernel intended to support it. However, PaX's 
> implementation, in the irc channel, was said to still be better. I'm not 
> positive, but I suspect the PaX kernel patch will disable the mainline 
> support. It's still good news though.. it will encourage more development in 
> this area.

Actually, I asked Jiri Kosina (who made most of work on this patch 
AFAIK) and he claimed it to be superior - even after leaving aside the 
fact that he authored it - to the original PaX patch (one of the things 
has been better randomization than the old patch IIRC).

Best regards
	Petr Cerny

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