bison test suite fails

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Fri Apr 11 11:32:03 PDT 2008

The bison 2.3 test suite (section 6.25 in the current book) is failing  
for me.

ERROR: 156 tests were run,
28 failed unexpectedly.
2 tests were skipped.

  84: Calculator %glr-parser                       FAILED (
  85: Calculator %glr-parser %defines              FAILED (
  87: Calculator %glr-parser %name-prefix=calc   FAILED (
  88: Calculator %glr-parser %verbose              FAILED (
  89: Calculator %glr-parser %yacc                 FAILED (
  90: Calculator %glr-parser %error-verbose        FAILED (
  94: Calculator %glr-parser %debug                FAILED (
108: Exploding the Stack Size with Alloca         FAILED ( 
126: Dancer %glr-parser                           FAILED  
129: Expecting two tokens %glr-parser             FAILED  
133: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, impure, no locations FAILED ( 
135: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, pure, no locations   FAILED ( 
137: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, impure, no locationsFAILED (cxx-
139: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, pure, no locationsFAILED (cxx-
141: GLR: Verbose messages, resolve ambiguity, impure, no  
locationsFAILED (
142: Badly Collapsed GLR States                   FAILED (glr-
143: Improper handling of embedded actions and dollar(-N) in GLR  
parsersFAILED (
144: Improper merging of GLR delayed action sets  FAILED (glr-
145: Duplicate representation of merged trees     FAILED (glr-
146: User destructor for unresolved GLR semantic valueFAILED (glr-
147: User destructor after an error during a split parseFAILED (glr-
148: Duplicated user destructor for lookahead     FAILED (glr-
150: No users destructors if stack 0 deleted      FAILED (glr-
151: Corrupted semantic options if user action cuts parseFAILED (glr-
152: Undesirable destructors if user action cuts parseFAILED (glr-
153: Leaked semantic values if user action cuts parseFAILED (glr-
156: Leaked semantic values when reporting ambiguityFAILED (glr-
157: Leaked lookahead after nondeterministic parse syntax errorFAILED  

Has anyone else seen this?

I've been building with CFLAGS set to "-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer - 
March=i686" except where directed not to do so in the book. There  
haven't been any test failures until this point. But bison fails, even  
with CFLAGS unset.

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